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Hello Everyone and Welcome to the Exporium blog.

This is the first step of a project linked to Food and Beverage, which we hope will be of help above all to small and medium-sized enterprises, which for us represent the foundations not only of the Italian economy but of the world economy (according to the World Bank, small and medium-sized enterprises represent around 90% of total enterprises and more than 50% of jobs worldwide).

We would like to tell you everything about the project we are working on (and honestly we can’t wait any longer) but the time has not yet come… even if not much is missing now.

From today, we will begin publishing articles that may be useful in providing information, but also food for thought, regarding the topic of import-export of agri-food products.

How can I make the flavor of Pachino tomatoes known in Poland? I would like to find the best salmon for my customers.

If these are some of the questions you ask yourself when you want to import or export, a new opportunity is upon us. We will be happy to talk to you about your goals and give you a preview of the Exporium project.

To get in touch with us, leave a comment below or email us at:

Thank you, see you soon!
The Exporium team

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