Benefits and risks in the world of Food Export

Is it worth taking the Made in Italy across the border?

Italy is a country that boasts international fame, excelling or otherwise distinguishing itself in various sectors such as fashion, the luxury car industry or tourism.

Moreover, its popularity also owes a lot to the fact that it is well known for its varied healthy cuisine which, having its roots in what is now called the Mediterranean diet, is one of the most appreciated culinary traditions in the world.

Starting from the concept that fame makes the brand, each country should always export everything whose appreciation echo crosses national borders, not least agri-food products.

The export of food must take place according to specific rules and methodologies, now we will focus on the benefits and risks of exporting the made in Italy food.

Why export Italian food products?

As anticipated, Made in Italy products are highly appreciated in the world (as well as in Italy). This data is enough to understand the success that the well-organized export of Italian products can have.

The benefits of exporting Italian food products firstly see the possibility of meeting an audience that is already aware of the high quality that our country boasts. It is therefore important, since the product is exported, not to compromise and to maintain this guarantee also with a view to large organized distribution extended beyond national borders. Indeed, if meeting the minimum requirements can be a starting point for smaller companies, the next step is certainly to pay attention precisely in making sure that the product arrives as quickly as possible and in full compliance with the most scrupulous conservation principles. , on the stores of the countries that buy our products.

It is important to note that, compared to the past, countries are much more connected to each other and in this way a certain degree of fusion food culture has been established. Interconnection together with the discovery of cultures different from their own have fostered a greater demand in recent years which is only waiting to be satisfied by those who know they have a valid product and intend to face the challenge of food exports with diligence and dedication.

Obviously among the risks are those connected to the world of food export which, by requiring special care, can increase costs as well as having to live with the risk of being able to lose a part of goods which in some cases may be deteriorated or even only potentially.

Finally, having talked about Italian fame we cannot avoid remembering the other side of the coin: the counterfeiting of Italian products. Unfortunately, this issue is rather delicate, being only partially resolved. We can only suggest to those who intend to fight for this cause, that no one better than manufacturers and traders in the sector can better know the products and the characteristics that distinguish them and therefore they can be expert masters on how to unmask a fake, better addressing this problem.

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