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So many events in the last few months.

These past months have been very eventful for Exporium. We have participated in 4 food and innovation events in different locations across Europe. All with the aim to create more awareness about our brand, get more investors, buyers, and producers.

Exporium started the journey with a 3-day SMAU Paris event which took place from March 23rd to March 25th, 2022. The event’s focus was to establish a link between the Italian Innovation Ecosystem, the Parisian Hub, and the French Marketplace. Exporium was selected among 40 startups to participate in this educative networking event. Innovation leaders for major Italian firms, French start-ups and investors, ICE-ITA and institutions were also in attendance. Being in the event, we were able to pitch and create awareness about our business model to Parisian entrepreneurs, investors and managers who were present at the event.

Next stop was SMAU Berlin which took place from 27th to 29th April 2022. The event’s focus was like the one in France. The only difference was to establish a link between the Italian Innovation Ecosystem, the Berliner Hub, and the German Marketplace. The SMAU events in both Paris and Berlin brought all these attendees together for the purpose of building relationships, creating investment opportunities, and exchanging innovative ideas. It was also great to witness how startups operate in other European countries. Guess what?… Exporium had its first official newspaper interview in person during SMAU Berlin event.

We then moved to Parma for the 21st Cibus Parma International Food Festival which took place May 2022. The event hosted over 60,000 professionals from all over the world with 3000 exhibitors. The purpose was to showcase Italian Agri-food products and innovative technologies and platforms that supported these agri-food producers and buyers. We had the chance to connect with great Italian food producers, buyers as well as investors who were interested in our service (helping #foodproducers export more by connecting them directly to #buyers abroad).

The last event was held in Madrid by Culinary Action (by Basque Culinary Center). Exporium took part in the “Global FoodTech Accelerator” program. Even though we did not qualify to the next stage we made great memories and had inputs from renowned panelists that were present. Through our service offering, Exporium will continue to support the gastronomy goals in the areas of sustainability (food loss and waste prevention, agribusiness marketplace) and digitalization (e-grocery).

The events have been impactful for Exporium as we have learnt a lot and built new relationships with investors, buyers, other innovative businesses, and other food producers. We want to give special thanks to Cibus, SMAU, Basque culinary center, Impact Hub Madrid for giving us the opportunity to network and showcase our service offering.

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