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Celebrating Southern Italian Startups: Navigating The World with a GloCal Vision!

Southern Italy has always been a land of rich culture, delicious cuisine, and warm-hearted people. 🇮🇹 But did you know it’s also becoming a hub for innovative startups? 🚀 Southern Italian Startups are developing a new recipe: adopting a global vision with strong local roots. Our top lessons from the Bufala Fest 2023 are that: 🚀 […]

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SMAU Paris 2022

SMAU, the most important Italian fair about innovation, is doing a stop in Paris from March 23rd to 25th, 2022. Exporium is among the 40 Italian start-ups selected to participate together with Innovation leaders of prestigious Italian companies, French start-ups and investors, ICE-ITA and institutions in this year’s French event. We will also be protagonists […]

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Hello, World!

Today we can say it! We are online! It is hard to describe all the emotions that have accompanied us up to this small milestone, after 3 years of hard work, interviews, ideas, contacts, knowledge, codes, foods, wines, long nights. But we can tell you that we are incredibly proud to have arrived here and […]

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Exporium Updates

A little update on Exporium

… stiamo arrivando!
“Brexit” ed il Covid non ci hanno reso la vita facile finora ma manca davvero pochissimo! Ecco qui qualche aggiornamento su Exporium!
… we are coming!
“Brexit” and Covid have not made our life easy so far but very little is missing! Here are some updates on Exporium!


Certifications for Food Export

Quando si parla di export alimentare la necessità primaria da soddisfare è quella legata all’igiene e alla conservazione dei cibi e delle bevande e quindi in generale alla sicurezza dei prodotti nei confronti dei consumatori. È indispensabile garantire una certa trasparenza e per questo sono richiesti alcuni documenti che attestino l’integrità delle varie fasi di commercializzazione.

— English version —-

When it comes to exports of food products, the main need to be met is that of hygiene and the preservation of food and drinks and therefore in general of product safety towards consumers.
It is essential to ensure a certain transparency and for this some documents are required which attest to the integrity of the various marketing phases.

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